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Top Shelf Mocktails

Calling all restaurants and bar scenes, it’s time to elevate the mocktail game. I've been checking out the growing number of mocktail lists at various local restaurants and bars and noticed one big thing is missing. Mocktails are still being made the old fashioned way, fruit juice or tonic, etc. with some ice and lemon slices but without Alcohol-free spirits. Over the last few years, dozens of these zero alcohol distillates have hit the scene, and if I’m going to be paying $10 for a mocktail, make it worth it. For those not in the know, here are some of the more accessible brands available at local spots like Total Wines, Bevmo, and if not there then and online.

-Seedlip, one of the first distilled proof spirits to step onto the scene, Garden 108, Grove 42, and Spice 94 will work for most mocktail recipes. $32, seedlipdrinks.com

-Ritual Zero Proof, Tequila, gin, and whiskey, somewhat a little less pricy than others on the list, but equally as do-able. $25, ritualzeroproof.com

-Lyres, having the biggest variety of n/a spirits ranging from Dry London, American Malt to Italian bitter orange and Amalfi spritz. They also recently launched canned spritzes now available. $33, lyres.com

-Ghia, a Mediterranean inspired aperitif featuring all sorts of pretty tasting botanicals, great on the rocks or mixed with your favorite creative choice. $33, Drinkghia.com

-Kin Euphorics, Dream Light, High Rhode, and Kin spritz are a unique collection adding fun via the nootropic route. $22-39, kineuphorics.com

-Damrak Virgin, made in the heart of Amsterdam, this gin like distillate works in almost all places gin-centric (sorry, not for a martini). $25, damrakgin.com

This is only a handful of options. More and more “clean spirits” are popping up all over the place. Tanqueray has been working on their version 0.0. already and I’m sure they’re not the last big name to join the party. Have fun trying some of these options and see what you think, as always cheers!

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