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The King is back

Updated: Feb 19

What an enjoyable time we had at the King's Highway restaurant at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs, Ca. last evening. The tables were staggered outside by the pool, the heaters made it extra cozy and warm and the band played some delicious live jazz. What made it even better was the food! Chef Ysaac Ramirez has created a new and extremely delectable menu, creative and delicious, well balanced, fresh and vibrant.

For appetizers, we started out with the Tabbouleh Salad (quinoa, kale, basil, smoked barley, hazelnuts, feta) it screamed spicy freshness in the best way. Next we tasted the Maitake Mushrooms (sour cream, chives, caramelized onion, prosciutto), you've got to taste it to believe it. It was soft and crunchy at the same time, intriguing. We followed that up with beets (buttermilk, radish, chives, almond crumble, parmesan), a delectable concoction.

The main courses we tried were the Bucatini (tomato, garlic, basil pesto, grana padano), featuring a perfectly cooked fresh pasta, delivered from Domenicos in L.A.; The chef's favorite, Quarter Chicken (tomato, barley, kale, salsa mojo), that was reminiscent of a delicious confit; and the Redtop Farm Pork Chop (buttermilk mash, pearl onions, apple, red onion reduction) which was tender and unctuous.

An honorable mention to Erica the bartender for the mocktails she poured for us, namely the Desert Facial (cucumber, pineapple, mint), a good palate cleanser, and the Cranky Coyote (grapefruit, lime, rosemary syrup, with a salted rim), a fan favorite.

If you're into wine with your meal, may I recommend the house Pinot Noir, 2018 Mcintyre (Santa Lucia Highlands, Ca.) It went well with apps and entrees!

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