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Since we are all trying to keep out of harms way, here are some ideas of what we can do to combat the doldrums.

1. Drink, whatever you can find and then, drink some more.

2. Try to laugh whenever possible.

3. Support local businesses, order take-out or food delivery or how about gift cards for Christmas presents or for when they open up again. This just may help them keep their staff working and families being fed. There’s a list of restaurants, that updated on thegreaterpalmsprings.com.

4. When God gives you lemons, make limoncello.

Rick Riozza’s Limoncello Recipe - Zest 20 large lemons, and add to a 750 ml bottle of 100 proof vodka. Put into a larger container, cap it and put it away in a dark cool place. Swirl whenever you think about it. After two months, strain the pith out of it and add agave to taste. The less sweeter the better. Enjoy.

5. Drink some more.

6. Be kind to others, and keep your distance.

7. Exercise in your house or outdoors, walk, walk, walk, but keep your distance.

8. Drink a little more.

9. Pray, pray, pray.

10. Stop hoarding food and paper goods, read a book instead.

11. Get creative and make something out of all those empty wine bottles.

Please drink responsibly, and if this offends you, we apologize, we were hoping for a smile.

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