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Tea Time

Second only to water, tea is one of the world’s most popular beverages. And in 2020 there was 289 billion liters of it consumed across the globe. I'm always on the hunt for interesting booze free alternatives and this healthy elixir really reminds me of my very first love, wine. Discovering the many regions around the world where it is cultivated, the multiple varieties, and the different terroir of the land where’s it’s produced; it most definitely sounds like we’re talking wine, the parallels are amazing. It can be young or aged for 20, 30, or 40+ yrs. to enhance and mature flavors, or cheap or expensive depending on what you're looking for. One of the advantages of tea that I appreciate most is, that if you have a little too much there's no hangover the next morning. And I definitely don't miss that.

Thanks to covid, my other new guilt-free pleasure is going online and looking for new tea discoveries. And my go-to place is Etsy. They carry tea ranging from black, white, green, yellow, Oolong, Pu-ehr and of course herbal. The varieties seem endless and are very affordable, plus a lot of their products have free shipping. I just received an order from Cultivate Taste cultivatetaste.com, and got one of my favorite black teas, Golden Monkey. It has a nose of rich wildflower honey with a delicate smooth toasty taste.

Another great tea shop I recommend is Beantown Tea & Spices, beantowntea.com, with their deliciously balanced Peony white tea, aka Bai Mu Dan. Both shops mentioned have a huge selection, great quality, and good prices to match. We also have a few local spots out here in the desert that I am looking forward to trying; Tea Be Honest in Palm Desert, Ding Tea (PD/LQ), and Cali Rosina Tea Shop in La Quinta. Check out all these places online or give them a visit and help support small businesses. If you know of any others delicious spots not mentioned, do share with us. Pinkies up, cheers.

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