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Read My Lips

Lip Service, a three-year old rye whiskey, is finished in French Grenache wine barrels and crafted by Orin Swift’s, Dave Phinney at Savage & Cooke Distillery. The bottle is easily recognizable with its unique shape and striking photo of a girl with a tattoo where you’d never expect it.

This complex straight rye whiskey has a nose of baked apple, vanilla and tobacco. The palate reveals flavors of spicy, silky crème brulee, that leaves you with a warm smoky finish in your mouth. The aromatics fill the room as soon as you begin pouring.

Lip Service definitely makes for a great aperitif or digestif, for any feast or occasion. I enjoy it on the rocks, and like to add a touch or two into my BBQ sauce when I’m grilling up some ribs or burgers. You can find Lip Service at Ralphs and Total Wines, $31. Cheers!

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