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Mango Madness

Inspired by the iconic fruit cart vendors in L.A., Mango Cart Non-Alcoholic, from Golden Road Brewing, is a mango wheat beer that practically screams "drink me!" I like the comments on the box, “Our goal was simple…make a full-flavored non-alcohol beer (for beer drinkers)”. With summer quickly arriving, this dry, yet fruity beverage manages to stay light and refreshing with tangy mango and a smooth malted wheat finish.

Perfect for a weekend BBQ with your friends or a tasty treat after a long day at the office, Mango Cart truly invokes a kick-back state of mind. It’s available at your local BevMo and Total Wines & More for around $10/6pack. Golden Road Brewing also makes an alcohol brewed option in their Fruit Cart series, which includes a variety of melon, pineapple and mango and other options as well. I’m hoping they will eventually make an alcohol-free version of all of their Fruit Cart flavors as well, because this stuff is yummilicious. goldenroad.la Cheers!

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