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Luminara Napa Valley

Luminara is the maker of the first non-alcoholic wine made from the prized Napa Valley appellation. They produce a Red Blend and a Chardonnay, but I'm on the quest for a great alcohol free red, so I'm all about the Red Blend today.

Now, I have to say, for me personally, a lot of alcohol removed reds just don't seem to click with the familiarity of a traditional wine. They come close but are often too sweet to replicate the real deal. So when I saw this on the shelves, I was excited because this is the first red of its genre, to have an appellation and vintage on the label. Could this glass of wine be the first to give me that authentic dry sip I've been longing for?

The screw top bottle boasts of "Napa Valley terroir and bold black cherry aromas", with a price point not much higher than most of its competitors, $16 (Total Wine & More). Luminara suggests that you chill it first. (Fun Fact: full bodied red wine is recommended to be served at 60-65 degrees). The wine started off on the right foot, the nose had the juicy smell of a Napa red, but the victory was in the taste. Restrained dark fruit, oak, light tannins, and refreshing acidity.

It was by far the best tasting alcohol free red I have tried. Now, I understand why it's almost always sold out, as I was only able to snatch the one bottle left on the shelf. I'm definitely looking forward to giving their Chardonnay a try after tasting this luscious red. This 2018 RED Blend gives me hope about the future of de-alcoholized red wines yet to come. Cheers!

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