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Happy Presidents Day

To commemorate President's Day, let's get into a little history and find out what our past presidents liked to eat and drink. Our wine choice today is Federalist Honest Red Blend, around $17 a bottle. The wine is aged in charred bourbon barrels for 6 months, producing a black fruit and caramel spiciness, the hint of smokiness pairs well with a rare grilled steak. Enjoy!

The first president we'd like to address is Thomas Jefferson. He had a serious and obsessive relationship with wine. His visits to the famous vine producing areas in France and Italy gave him an appreciation for expensive and aged wine. He refused to drink young and cheap vino. Bravo! His choice for what pairs best with wine, and everyone agrees, it's of course cheese, and get this his favorite pairing was, mac and cheese.

James Madison was a Champagne imbiber. He once said, "champagne was the most delightful wine when drank in moderation, but more than a few glasses always produced a headache". His favorite pairing was Virginia ham and buttery rolls.

And last but not least, James Monroe was a big fan of French wine and Champagne. His lust for it got him into a bit of trouble when 1,200 bottles of Burgundy and Champagne from France were charged to an account earmarked for furniture. Oops, sit on that.

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