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Girls Dig Deep Eddy

Well, we’ve been gone for a while, taking a vacay from our usual routines, but we’re back! Felt kinda’ bad, knowing I wasn’t clever enough to be on Zoom, quoting this or that, acting out a comedy routine or just reenacting a scene from “The Wizard of Oz”. I’d be the tinman of course. What I have been doing is drinking a lot of good wines, learning to make bread, concocting new meals and dirtying every dish in my kitchen.

Besides wine, I’m a gin girl, I love me some London Dry Gins, and recently I'd run out. Boo hoo, But fortunately, I remembered I had some booze stashed away and found a bottle of vodka, (I just don't like vodka). But this was no ordinary vodka it was, Deep Eddy, made in Austin, Texas and my new go-to when the gin runs dry. Lol! Deep Eddy is smooth and doesn’t have that rubbing alcohol smell. It’s 10x distilled and you can taste the quality.

Their website states, “While we at Deep Eddy don’t take ourselves too seriously, we are very serious about making great vodka! Deep Eddy is proud to produce our vodkas using only the finest natural ingredients, and a true, small batch production process.” And remember, please day drink (from home) responsibly.Go to their website, www.deepeddyvodka.com and see their line of vodkas and creative recipes and buy a bottle or two.

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