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DRINGK Jack Daniels

With all that’s going on in this new environment, it’s easy to ponder the question of control and who has it and who doesn’t. I don’t know what our future looks like and how I can control its direction, but I do know that I can choose what I like to eat and drink. This brings us to last week, when I threw my back out and seriously couldn’t move. So, here I was, flat on my back with remote control in hand, and I flip to “Gunsmoke”. For all of you who don’t remember Matt Dillion or Miss Kitty, go surf the web or go to Spotify and listen to “I Should Have Been A Cowboy”, even Toby Keith sings about those two. As I watched this action packed Western, I noticed that there was a lot of violence going on the screen, hand to hand and gun to gun. These people were hurting and their only go-to pain killer was Whiskey. One shot at a time. The light bulb came on.

My go-to was Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7, produced by Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Established in 1866, it’s the first US born registered distillery in the US and the top-selling American whiskey in the world. By 1904, Jasper Newton Daniel, earned a gold medal at the World’s Fair with his famed Old No. 7. The secret to their award-winning flavor, the original recipe is limestone spring water, and just the right amount of corn, rye and barley. It has a rich smokey, maple flavor that leaves you with an ahhhh after your first shot. Join me. Clink Clink. For more information, surf the web and find out all there is to know about. They have several different brands. See you in the Saloon Miss Kitty.

I also want to give a shout out to DRINGK eatery + bar, Rancho Mirage. They are continuing a community service for those who are seeking inexpensive prepared foods and food staples. You have to check out their website, www.dringkbar.com to see all of the choices, soups to pastas, and more, including food gifts for different persons in our valley, frontline heroes, elderly and those who are less advantaged. It’s a perfect way to contribute to the valley, thank the restaurants who remain open, give thanks to those who deserve it and keep our tummies happy. They also have some fun to-go cocktails, bottles of wine, beer, spirits, so there’s no need to neglect cheer!

Happy Mother's Day!

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