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Dringk It In

Restaurants are getting creative, now that six feet of space between persons is the new rule of thumb.

One such restaurant is Dringk eatery + bar, at the River in Rancho Mirage.

They are helping our community by providing menus that are not restaurant prices, but affordable and family friendly. The owner, Kurt, states, “Affordable meals is our goal, we are able to keep some employees, (they are guaranteed to no public exposure and outings and want to be there to help), staffed and make meals for you. It’s not about restaurant profit during these times! We see those trying to make a fast buck in panic, however, rest assured we are grocery store pricing and less. Truly trying to put the effort out to do our part.”

Beginning tomorrow, they will have grocery essentials, while available. Online and curb-side ordering will start by Monday. Some of their meals include the following:

-Essentials Kit, 5 lb’s of ground beef, 2 stalks of celery, 3lb’s of carrots, 6 large onions, 1 pound of butter, 1 lb mild cheddar sliced, and 10 cups of rice. $45

- Chicken Alfredo Pan. $14

- Pulled Pork Tacos, 1 dozen flour tortillas, pickled jalapeno and onion, and salsa roja. $12

- Cheesy Baked Red Sauce Pasta with bottle of Cab or Pinot. $21

Always check for availability.

To order, 760-888-0111, text Dan or management for orders at 541-788-0700, For more info, go to www.dringkbar.com

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