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Damrak VirGIN & Tonic

Damrak Virgin is a non-alcohol spirit made in the heart of Amsterdam. The recipe took 2 years to perfect, and is the distillate and extracts of 10 botanicals including: juniper, curacao orange and angelica root. It's one of the many non-alcohol spirits that you will see becoming more and more popular. And I say yay to that. I find it to be a great treat throughout the week, when I want a high quality drink without the buzz. My go-to drink is the Virgin & Tonic, a simple yet very satisfying mocktail that really quenches my cocktail thirst.

Virgin & Tonic

  • 1 1/2 oz. of Damrak Virgin

  • 4 oz. Q light Tonic Water

  • 2 lime wedges (one to squeeze and one to please the eye)

And, don't forget to use good quality tonic in your drinks, I usualy go with Q light Tonic, San Pellegrino Tonica, or Fever Tree . Damrak also makes a delicious gin that is known for being a little more citrusy than most, and also works great if so desired. Damrak Virgin costs $25 and is available at most wine and spirit shops. As always cheers!

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