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Codorniu ZerO

Bubbly has always been my favorite when it comes to all things wine. Its refreshing effervescence goes fantastic with most food and it’s just as good on its own. With the alcohol-free wine trend continually growing stronger, I'm always looking for the next great guilt free bottle. And, on a quick note, cheers to Fre Wines for being one of the pioneer labels doing the dealcoholized wine thang, that is found at pretty much every store.

But there are a lot more brands out there to discover, my latest favorite comes from the oldest (and second largest) Cava producer in Spain, Codorniu. Their light golden pink ZerO Rose is brimming with tiny bubbles and has a nose of fresh berries. The flavors are raspberry with a hint of cranberry paired with a nice dose of acidity, making this a great food drink. I instantly thought of having this with an order from 533 Viet Fusion’s Ba Mahn Ga fried chicken (insert drooling emoji). The ZerO sparkling white is equally as bubbly but with flavors of citrus and tropical fruits, and also a delicious choice. I found these both at Total Wines in Palm Desert, $11. Cheers

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