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Coachella Blonde

If you haven’t taken a tour of the Coachella Valley Brewery, Thousand Palms, it should be at the top of your list when things get back in the swing again. They utilize state of the art technology and equipment in the brewing process, and if you like beer, you’ll find the operation very interesting.

And, right now, they’re having an unbelievable sale on their Golden Blonde Ale. Their crafted beer instills citrus, herbs, honey and spices from local farms. It’s golden, clean and a crisp Belgian style beer and, I haven’t yet met a beer drinker who doesn’t like it. From March 27th thru April 13th, Golden Blonde Ale is $42 a case. That’s 40% off, making it $1.75 per can. You can call to place an order, 760-343-5973.

For more info, www.coachellavalleybrewery.com

Support our local community. Remember to drink responsibly.

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