• Paolo Maximilliano

Chalk Hill Rosé

Rosé has never been so popular, and for a good reason. It's versatile with food, great on its own and always pretty affordable. You will be hard pressed to ever find a rosé that's over $30, unlike a lot of red and white bottles. Chalk Hill 2017 Rosé Wine is from the Sonoma Coast and is on the medium end price point ($21). It's oh so delicious and worthy of putting a couple of bottles to chill, one for now and one for later. If you're not familiar with Chalk Hill Estate Vineyards, you should Google them for a fun and interesting read.

I first tried the wine with a chicken marsala pot pie made from scratch by Penny, and the two were heaven together. The wine had a perfect amount of acidity to cut through the rich cream sauce in the pie. The freshness of the wine truly stood out, with its strawberry and melon fruit notes. The only problem was, we finished the bottle way too fast. A fun note, we served it to our anti-Rosé guests and they very quickly became Rosé fans. Cheers!

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