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Bar Cecil

There’s much to be said about Bar Cecil, Palm Springs (pronounced sessel), with its vibrant artistic ambience, their signature cocktails and collection of retro glasses. Their website states, “Bar Cecil is a homage to Cecil Beaton, a renaissance man who was equal parts rebel and aristocrat, an artist who lived between classical charm and new world rebellion, a provocateur, an expressionist, and a person who has an appreciation of art and beauty.”

While watching “Frankie Drake Mysteries”, which is all about the ‘20’s and their bar scene, costumes and fun, I saw the exact cocktail glasses that Bar Cecil uses. Coincidence, I think not. We watch it on Ovation, a fun channel to check out if you're into watching mysteries.

One of Bar Cecils signature drinks is the Sidecar, crafted with Cognac Park VS Carte Blanche, Cointreau, lemon juice, cane syrup with a twist of lemon. It’s a classic served in an amber colored beaded Champagne coupe, (look it up), just like the ones I saw on the show. You can see their enthusiastic beverage menu and food menu at barcecil.com. It’s a fun place to meet up with your friends for a drink or two. Please have one for me. Cheers

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