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A Proper St. Paddy's Day

I’m sure by now you've seen or heard Conor McGregor holding a bottle of Proper No Twelve Whiskey either on TV or a magazine ad. And what better time than St. Patrick’s Day to give it a try. An awesome thing to mention is that this company is giving back to the comunity for every case sold, a $5 donation goes to first responders around the world, up to 1 million annually. Love him or hate him, the fighter deserves some recognition for contributing to a praiseworthy cause.

Founder Conor McGregor and team went to the oldest whiskey distillery on the Isle of Ireland and with his master distiller created a unique and special blend, Proper No Twelve, Dublin 12 being the area where he grew up, hence the name. It's distilled 3 times, and aged for 4 yrs in Bourbon barrels. When I was first given a glass, I was sure it was bourbon, as the nose had a sweet maple syrup smell to it. But after tasting, I knew instantly this could only be Irish whiskey. The aging in Bourbon barrels imparted some of its usual characteristics of richness and luxuriousness to the mouth feel. The flavors revealed a touch of caramelized nectarine with a hint of brown spices on the finish. I have always been on team Bushmill, but these days with each genre of liquor having dozens of labels coming out, there's more than enough room for another tasty Irish whiskey on the shelves. I mean the more options the merrier for your St. Paddy's Day, after all "It's Magically Delicious". Sláinte or Cheers!

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