• Paolo and Penny

A Moment of Magic

It’s time to put away our sweaters, jackets, gloves and our heavy blankets, spring is almost here, so let's celebrate by having a glass of 2016 Robert Mondavi Reserve To Kalon Vineyard. This wine is such a treat, and not only good to the last drop, but leaving one wanting just a little more.

We enjoyed the Mondavi Reserve with a New York Steak au Poive, (which by itself was delicious), the wine had aromas, flavors, and complexities that were a delight to the senses. The bouquet consisted of dried roses, violets, and dried Provence herbs; the fruit of wild blueberries, red and black currants with a quick nose of tobacco and cardamon.

It was a delight on the tongue and left me with a desire for more. If you get a chance to uncork a bottle, take it and enjoy! Cheers!

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