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Check that box ☑

Let's face it, box wine has always been easy to hate on, mainly at the fault of the producers churning out overly sweet junk. Some wine enthusiasts can't even get over screw tops. Thankfully, the younger wine generations have ditched the stodgy attitude and are more willing to try newly reinvented players in the game. We have covered various canned wines in the past, but today the box gets a little shine.

Enter Provisions Wine Company. A more relaxed and eco friendly option for parties or everynight relaxation. Currently they have 7 box varieties available from Pinot Gris to Pinot Noir. Their winemaker, Hal Landvoight has travelled through wine country across the world, and has trained under the Pacific Northwest’s leading winemakers. I just tried the Cabernet Sauvignon from Valle Central, Chile. It’s a fun wine that is full bodied but stays fresh with red and blackberry fruit going on. I actually had some friends over for a BBQ and they didn’t believe it was a boxed wine until I showed them the box. It really paired nice with the bacon cheddar burgers we ate.

So, it’s time to think inside of the box. Cheers

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