• Paolo Maximilliano

A little Tuesday loving....

I had the  of pleasure of stopping by the Little Bar for a cold brew break. When you walk in, there's a couple of  tables to the right and a little bar to the left. The manager Tiffany was cool and down to earth and let us know about all  the many specials they have.  Taco Tuesdays,  they serve up dollar carne asada tacos along side their usual amazing reasonably priced menu. On Sundays, they serve up a Rosé for only 20 dollars a bottle.  

The manager will even show you the interactive Rabble Rosé label if you ask, which is a trip amongst itself. There is an all around homey feeling at this bar. This place can easily become a weekly favorite. During the world series they are slingin' up 1$ hot dogs.... who can get mad at that, get your buns down here. 

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