• Paolo Maximailliano

Black and White

Tastings aren't always black and white. Well today they are! We're exploring more canned beverages, namely Köstritzer Schwarztbier and Francis Ford Coppola Sophia Blanc to Blanc.

Köstritzer Schwartzbier, A black beer that tastes as delilcious as it smells, with hints of bitter chocolate, coffee and dark pretzel. One would think this beer would be a meal in a cup by appearence, but in fact it is light and refreshing. This will fit in well to cap off your Octoberfest festivities or any event for that matter. The Köstritzer comes in a 5ooml can or a 4 pack of 12 oz cans.

Francis Ford Coppola Sophia Blanc to Blanc, A white sparkling wine with aromas of pear and tastes of pear, honey crisp apple that finishes with bubbles and bitter pear skin. It's made of 70% pinot blanc, 15% reisling and 15% muscat.

It comes in a 4 pack of 187 ml cans or a 24 pack can be ordered online for your party needs. It definitely has a new world take for a new generation.

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