• Penny Ione

Cantina Tuesday

The Holiday House Hotel, a beautiful boutique hotel, in Palm Springs is probably the last place you'd think of to have a Taco Tuesday, and you're right! They don't, they have Cantina Tuesday, from 5-8pm, first come first serve. Their fare and drinks are on the high end side, but well worth it. The ambience and that old Palm Springs feeling provides the background to some fabulous party time. The drinks are exotic, from the Jarrita to the Mezcalita, they are refresing and go deliciously along with the Street Tacos, Nachos and Esquites, and for you sweet tooths, a Mayan Brownie. They change up their menu every week so don't be surprised if you see something a little more unique when you go. Go to their website and check them out, they have some great graphics.


P.S. You can also get a room if you're in the moment.

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