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T'was an Epic Event

We recently attended the Epic Wine and Spirits Desert Fall Trade Show 2019 at the lovely Ritz Carlton in Rancho Mirage. They were pouring some of the most delicious wine, spirits and creative cocktails at the event. We thought it would be fun to showcase the atypical beverages of the evening.

Let's start off with Jardesca. It's a red or white wine alternative to European apertifs. It is made in Sonoma, CA and marries the vineyard and garden in a blend of three atisanal wines. It's enlivened with ten botanicals, the taste is refreshing and equally beautiful to look at. This would make the ultimate party beverage because you can mix and match it with your favorite herbs and mixers.. Go to their website to discover all sorts of creative recipes and where you can purchase. www.jardesca.com

Next up, Butternut anyone? We really enjoyed the canned Sparkling Rose and Pinot Noir. The latter was a blend sourced from Russian River and Santa Lucia Highlands grapes. The nose was rich with that earthy Russian River terroire and the freshness of the Santa Lucia Highlands. The Sparkling Rose was reminiscent of a frizzante with crisp acicity, light fruit character but not cloyingly sweet. Two cans create a bottle and at $5.50 a can you can't beat the flavor or price. bnawinegroup.com

Republic of Pink, with grapes sourced from Los Olivos and Paso Robles, this delicious Rose is a California vin d'garage. The goal was to make a Provencal style wine here in California with bright aromas, well layered flavors, a juicy mouthful and refreshing finish that leaves you wanting another sip. This is their first vintage and cheers to the future of Republic of Pink. For more info go to therepublicofpink.com

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