• by Paolo Maximilliano

Tequila meets Mozart, Happiness pursues

Lets face it when you go to the tequila aisle of your local booze slanging establishment, there's a freaking lot of tequilas to choose from. How do you solve this problem? I love Tequila so I say, "try them all", lol. But seriously YÉYO ultra premium Tequila is a great place to start. They take their cooked agave seriously. They source their red soil grown agave from a single estate free from chemicals or pesticides. It is cooked for three days low and slow in clays ovens. Then to top it off it"s serenaded with 200 hours of Mozart to relax its nerves (yeast and distillers). It's finished off with a double distillion in copper stills which preseves its rich floral and fruity notes. This works great as a sipper or as a not too strong mixer, no point in hidding this true beauty. yeyotequila.com

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