• by Paolo Maximilliano

Happy Taco Day!!!

Yay!!!! Though I thought everyday was taco day, lol. Today is offically National Taco Day. So I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my favorite taco joints around town.

The El Pastor tacos at El Revelutionario, Cathedral City are a must try, if you haven't had the pleasure yet. They cut the meat off the spit like the real deal and grill it to crispy delishiousness. This restaurant isnt known for fast service so theres my warning...heeheehee.

Tacos Durados at Casa Blanca, Cathedral City are another favorite, crispy shredded beef taco topped with lettuce, sour cream, cheese and salsa are drool worthy and damn, I wish I had one right now. They also make a real good Menudo con Pata, but that's another story. P.S. Make sure you order the chiles toreados.

Last but not least are the grilled blackened swordfish tacos at Fisherman's Market and Grill, Palm Desert. Doesn't sound traditional but these are the go to fish tacos in the valley, big pieces of swordfish with shredded cabbage, crema and pico de gallo make this taco really sing"eat me".



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