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yes you Can

By now, everyone has seen an explosion in the canned beverage game. Either wine, flavored beers, hard seltzer or cocktails, the options are endless. Which means, we as consumers win. My suggestion is, if it looks fun try it. Hating is out, trying new things is in. How else will you find out what you like or don't like? So, I just ran to my local Ralphs in Palm Springs and tried a couple of cans. Here's my findings.

Crook & Marker, spiked and sparkling grapefruit is a zero sugar beverage made with organic alcohol. It almost reminds me of a fresher take on a diet Squirt soda but with a buzz. The grapefruit smell really does pop and the color, unlike squirt, is a pretty color. At only 80 calories a can you don't have to worry about drinking a 4-pak of cans. Currently thetre are 8 flavors that you can . Check it out for yourself at crookandmarker.com

Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Yellow Label Savignon Blanc, this mouthful of a wine is more than just it's namesake. This California SB has a bigger body and a little more stonefruit than its cousins, from France and New Zealand. And at a whopping 13.5% abv, a couple cans will do you. franciscoppoladiamondcollectionyellowlabelsavignonblanc.com

Q light Tonic Water, I know this is just a mixer, but I wanted to give a shout out to finally, a good light tonic. Straight out of New York, this is your usual tonic. It's light, crisp, extra bubbly and it's dying for a good gin and lime wedge. One more "And", for being only half the calories, it doesn't leave you with that funky taste. For more info, go to qlighttonic.com

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