• Penny Ione

Great Entertainers are Not Hard to Find

At the Rancho Mirage Wine and Food Festival 2019, not only was the food and wine great, but so was the entertainment! Nick Sosa, an extremely talented guitarist and Enrique Hernandez, an experienced jazz percussionist performed both days. Jazz, R&B, Latin Fusion, music that was as smooth as the wines we enjoyed.

He also plays classic bebop, pop, rock and country with his band, Trio NV and the Slim Man Band. Nick performs at many of our venues in the CV, you can catch his performances: Saturdays at Miramonte Resort with Trio NV from 6pm to 10pm- Thursdays and Mondays at Wangs, 5pm-8pm- Wednesdays at Vicky's Santa Fe from 6:30 pm -10pm with the Slim Man Band; and he'll be at a gig at the Ritz Carlton on March 3rd at 6pm with Enrique Hernandez, and at the La Quinta Arts Fest on March 8th with Trio NV.

He's worth listening to and the food and drinks at the venues are worth it too. To invite Nick to your next party, go to gigsalad.com. He'll make your party stand out. Thank you Nick, you're the real deal.

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