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Hip Hops at The Ace Hotel

Coachella Valley residents, visitors and tourists endured the hottest of times to taste, sample and down the coolest ciders & brews this past weekend at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs, CA, which hosted their 7th Annual Craft Beer Weekend.

Over four dozen breweries showed and presented to a sell-out crowd unlimited beer & cider tastings along with the Ace Hotel entertainment of small bites and a live performance by Olden Yolk, an DJ sets by Reverberation

Ace Hotel’s Food and Beverage Director, Paul Patino, explained the annual event, stating, “It’s become a part of our identity, and this was our largest, with over 40 breweries represented. Ace has always been supportive of the craft beer community and culture.” Paul continues, “And of course we have one of the largest selection of taps in the Coachella Valley available in the Amigo Room. The aim of the craft beer weekend is to educate the person who might not be aware of the culture and the community associated with the art of beer making. The festival allows them to experience that.”

The last six years have been a period of tremendous growth for craft breweries in Riverside County. We went from having one local brewery in Babe’s Brewhouse, to three with the additions of Coachella Valley Brewing Company, and La Quinta Brewing Company opening their doors. The valley is also home to three annual festivals aimed at pleasing craft beer lovers, with Indio’s Rhythm, Wine & Blues, and the Props and Hops Craft Beer Conclave occurring at the Palm Springs Air Museum every fall.

In the heat of the day, the beer tasting room was noisy, the guests and brewers were loud & lively, all providing for a great vibe—what else would one expect at a fun and tasty beer fest at the Ace Hotel Palm Springs!!

Some of the outstanding beers and ciders we enjoyed included New Belgium’s Hemporer HPA, where hops and hemp reign; Three Weavers Seafarer Kolsch-Style Ale, their fun to visit brewery is located in Inglewood, just outside of L.A. ; The Lost Abbey Brewing with their Red Poppy sour cherry and 101 Cider House sour Cactus Rose; Stone Brewing of course with their Ripper; Boocha Kombucha Handcrafted, where we “get cultured”; and, Pizza Port Brewery and House Brewery, as always delivering--Cheers!

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