• Penny Ione

Winesprings Eternal

I was walking down Palm Canyon Drive the other day when I was approached by a salesgirl handing out Merlot facial lotion. I accepted it and tried it that evening. Although it made my skin feel soft and creamy the odor was overpowering and perfumy. I quickly attempted to wash it off, but no matter how hard I scrubbed the smell would not go away.

So was born an idea, my own homemade wine body and facial masque. It's easy to make and it costs only a fraction of what that other was selling for.

You can make it from all kinds of stuff. Just add any wine, any milk product and some honey to sweeten the pot. Dab it on with a cotton ball to your skin, don't forget your arms and legs, and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Jump into the shower and voilla, a new you!

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