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They Rose' to the Occasion

I recently attended a trade tasting hosted by WineLa,"Elevating Zin", at the Montage Hotel in the heart of Beverly Hills. Being two hours away, I wasn't looking forward to the drive , especially since I don't consider myself to be the biggest Zin fan.

Wow! Was I wrong, and obviously I have been drinking the wrong Zin all this time. The level of quality of this tasting was amongst the highest I can remember in some time. Let me just say that all of the Zinfandels were epic, and I'll cover more in a later blog. But, since we live in the desert, two wines really struck me, and get, this they were both Zin Rose's.

The Mauritson Rockpile Rose' has a beautiful pink color and is 100% Zinfandel. The nose is a beautiful combination of hibiscus and crushed wet rock. It has flavors of pomegranate and floral notes, it's soft and it finishes crisp. It's perfect for a hot summer day in Palm Springs, and I do mean indoors. www.mauritsonwines.com

Lamborn Family Vineyards, the Mary Hana Rose' is dry, crisp and lively, with

fresh berries and subtle melon notes. It's made by Heidi Barrett, the first lady of wine, the wine guru behind Screaming Eagle fame. All of their estate wines are 100% organic and strive to bring you the "wow" factor in every bottle they produce. Great for quaffing with friends and family. www.lamborn.com

Two thumbs up til next time!

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