• Paolo Maximilliano

Whiskey To Wine……..

With Stagecoach coming in hard this weekend, it brought to mind ...that Garth Brooks song, “Whiskey to Wine” (He’ll be headliner for Sunday’s show). This newish trend of aging wine in whiskey barrels has really grown in the US over the last couple of years.

The result is a smokier genre of wine, from blends to single varietals, that hit the makers mark.

First up is the Robert Mondavi Private Selections Bourbon-Barrel-Aged Cabernet Sauvignon, Monterey County. This is a rich full bodied red with aromas of black cherry and vanilla, that finishes with a lovely hint of bourbon. You can find this online at thebestwinestore.com for only $13.99.

For the second bottle I want to do another single varietal, Zinfandel. The Federalist Zinfandel 2015, Mendocino County. This dark wine has notes of spice, smoky vanilla, dark cherry, and cola. You can find it at wine.com for $20.99.

The last bottle standing is Cooper and Thief Red Wine Blend, California. It’s aged for three months in Bourbon whiskey barrels. It’s flavors are dark and jammy, with a Bourbon aftertaste. And the balance is terrific: you really don’t sense the 17+ percent alcohol that the wine carries—but do keep that fact in mind, especially if you’re in the sun.

Whiskey-wine for the my friends and beer for the horses!

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